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Nutrient Rich Superfood Kits Now Available on

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nutrient rich superfood boxes on

Rosehive Superfoods is elevating the healthy food category on with their line of carefully curated, nutrient rich line of superfood boxes.

Niagara Falls, NY | Today is the day Rosehive Superfoods releases their line of carefully curated, nutrient rich superfood boxes for sale on Their partnership is in thanks to a new program Walmart has released featuring a selection of Meal Kits, Snack Boxes, and Farm Crates.

Rosehive commits to only sourcing products that are free from fillers, preservatives, artificial flavorings or colorings. As a healthy food brand, every Rosehive box carries few to no processed ingredients, are naturally low in sugar, contain mostly raw and whole ingredients, and are always plant-inspired. Their stringent sourcing and attention to foods that elevate healthy eating, are what sets them apart in the Healthy Snack Category on

Items such as Activated Charcoal and Blue-Green Algae Lattes are just a few of the wilder things Rosehive will have you trying each month. Rosehive strives to open their customer’s minds to unique staples that come from the earth in healthy and sustainable ways.

“It’s fun, but it’s also a great way to learn about food as a positive relationship to your health. Drinking an algae latte, with a beautiful blue hue is not only unique and fun to explore, but once you dig into its’ nutritional value, you learn that it’s loaded with protein and antioxidants. We like to provide that data and back it by scientific research.” says Jillian Berswick, of Rosehive Superfoods.

Each month, Rosehive curates’ boxes around a theme and collaborates with Wellness Practitioners to create thoughtful, intentional nutrient-themed collection of boxes.

Thanks to their partnership with you can now access these goodies with free shipping in a variety of curated boxes for only $29.99. Popular boxes are The Healthy Trendsetter Box featuring Mushroom Coffee, Moringa, and Snackable Lupini beans and The Superfood Smoothie Box which comes with Cacao Nibs, Spirulina, and everything you need to make a well-balanced meal using a blender!

“You truly get to try things you probably wouldn’t have on your own …In every single box I ‘ve tried a superfood powder and a different type of drink…the recipe they include is always so useful. You feel the passion they have for putting it together,” reads a review on the Rosehive website courtesy of their customer, Lynn.  

Rosehive is superfoods, simplified and affordable.

“The bigger we become, the more good we will do and the more homes we can reach. We are very excited for this partnership with” Says Berswick.

About Rosehive Superfoods

Rosehive Superfoods is a monthly superfood discovery mission, simplified. Rosehive handles the research, the sourcing, the whole body benefit assurance and delivers it direct to your door for only $34.95 a month. Rosehive’s goal is to elevate your health and discover a world of nutrient-rich foods. A portion of proceeds from every box goes to our partnership with a charity, cause, conservation or farm. Pollinate your soul with Rosehive Superfoods Box.

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