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5 Reasons You Should Switch to Maple Syrup

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Maple Syrup rosehive superfood box

Maple syrup is one of our favorite sweeteners. We use it on everything from oats to smoothies and baked goods! It should be no surprise that it is LOADED with nutrients. Here are 5 benefits of maple syrup:

1. Contains Numerous Antioxidants – Like, numerous.

2. Gets a Lower Score on the Glycemic Index – Which means no crazy sugar highs or sugar crashes!

3. Fights Inflammatory Diseases – By providing inflammation-reducing polyphenol antioxidants, it can be considred part of a healthy diet that’s helpful in preventing certain diseases like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or heart disease.

4. Supplies Important Vitamins and Minerals – Maple syrup contains zinc and manganese in fairly high amounts, in addition to potassium and calcium. Zinc can help fight illness and improve immunity since it keeps your level of white blood cells up, while manganese plays a role a crucial role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption, blood sugar regulation, brain and nerve function.

5. Healthier Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners – If you typically use artificial sweeteners or refined sugar products like dangerous splenda, sucralose, agave, aspartame or sugar, you should think about switching these out for maple syrup and raw honey as soon as possible. Artificial sweeteners, while they may be calorie-free, are tied to numerous health problems including weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, short-term memory loss and much more.

Give it a try! Switch your usual sweetener for a heaping spoonful of maple syrup.

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