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Adding CBD and Cannabis Products To Your Wellness Routine

We recently featured Veggimin’s Dark Chocolate Bar with 5mg Hemp CBD in our August Healthy Trendsetter Box, and though we are WAY over the moon about it, we know there are some hesitations with CBD and Hemp products and we wanted to make sure we cleared the air!

As a growing health trend in 207 we are noticing cannabis get seriously commercial which is something we aimed to highlight in August’s box! There have been huge growths in incorporating cannabis into our wellness routines and it can be found in just about everything from lemonade to beauty products and edible foods. A growing body of scientific research shows CBD has the power to reduce anxiety and stress, lower inflammation, relax the body and mind, and subtly lift the mood. But Jessica Assaf of says it well, “There are still a lot of women who are trapped in the cannabis closet—or are afraid of trying it at all.”

The Lowdown

The cannabis plant has 113 known cannabinoids (chemical compounds that trigger neurotransmitter releases in the brain). The one people usually talk about is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it’s the only cannabinoid that has psychoactive effects. That means there are over one hundred active cannabinoids in cannabis that work with our bodies but don’t impact our minds at all. One of these, cannabidiol (CBD), has proven to be extremely effective in treating inflammation, anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and many other conditions. CBD can even be used after THC to “calm down” the high.

CBD Chocolate is the definition of food as medicine! Which is why we chose the Veggimins CBD Chocolate Bar for August’s box! And don’t worry, you cannot test positive on a drug test simply for using CBD. It is derived from 100% industrial hemp & is lab verified to be below .3% THC. It is classified as a hemp extract (a non-psychoactive extract from the plant), not to be confused with CBDs that may be derived from marijuana. It is completely legal and safe and is a great way to get medicinal benefits from the hemp plant.

At the core of the Veggimins brand, they believe that food is the best medicine. Their handcrafted raw chocolate is stone ground in small batches from just 3 base ingredients: organic and fairly traded raw cacao nibs, organic coconut sugar, and a touch of rich cacao butter. The end result is the perfect nutrient-dense, joy-inducing delivery medium for 5 mg of pure cannabidiol hemp oil (CBD), extracted without the use of solvents.

We are really excited about the positive reviews this box has received and we hope we can continue to bring you healthy brands that promote food as medicine that are always new (and may be at times a bit controversial). As Veggimin’s suggests, uplift your health to new heights with every bite.

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