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Top 9 Trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show

The 43rd annual Winter Fancy Food Show took place in San Francisco January 21-23, 2018. As a speciality food show, innovations from more than 1,400 food and beverage exhibitors showcased their latest and greatest products ready to take over 2018.

Moringa and mushrooms were two of the standouts at this year’s show. Moringa, on trend to be the superfood of 2018, was everywhere! We found it in teas, snack bars, smoothies and chips. Mushrooms of all types, with their unique umami flavor, were found in foods like chocolate bars, kombucha and jerky.

Even though things like matcha and turmeric were still clearly trending at this year’s show, we saw some new, interesting ingredients taking the stage. Moringa and mushrooms were among the top trends of the show; we spotted these ingredients in sweet, savory and beverage categories. Moringa, on trend to be 2018’s superfood, was the star ingredient in teas, snack bars, smoothie drinks and chips. Who knew mushrooms would be having such a moment? From reishi-chocolate kombucha to vegan mushroom jerky, it was clear that ‘shrooms were getting the recognition they deserve.

The Top 9 Trends From The Winter Fancy Food Show:

#1. Moringa Madness

The latest green superfood popping up in everything from snack bars to chips!

Standout brands: Kuli Kuli Moringa Superfood Company, Vegan Rob’s Moringa Puffs, and The Republic of Tea Moringa Tea

#2. Mushroom Mania

Medicinally mushrooms are all the rage in 2018 with several brands introducing their line of mushroom infused Kombucha to Mushroom hot cacao!

Standout brands: Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Health-ade Kombucha Reishi-Chocolate, and Four Sigmatic

#3. Hyper Functionality

Super specific solutions for diet and nutrition; functional eating is all about finding foods that taste good but also work well in your body to maintain peak performance and optimal wellness.

Standout brands: K’ul Chocolate Superfood Bars, Sap on Tap Natural Energy, and Energizing Jelly Beans

#4. Plant Based Booms

Plant snacks, that are dropping the fake fillers, animal byproducts, and going au-naturale just like nature intended.

Standout brands: Cassava Crunch, Kale Teranga Baobab Juice, and Izza Pops Plant Based Frozen Treats

#5. Reimagined Butter Bonanza

Move over peanut butter, there’s a whole new world of healthy spreads.

Standout brands: Peanuts Chocovivo Chocolate Butter, The Amazing Chickpea Chickpea Butter, and Choc’a Chic Wellnut Farms Walnut Butter

#6. Yogurt Flavor Explosions

The dairy market is continuing to evolve post Greek yogurt phenomenon.

Standout brands: Alove Yogurt Aloe Yogurt, Wunder Creamery, and Slingshot Foods Protein Probiotic Yogurt Drinks

#7. Middle Eastern

There’s a silk road revival with all the new flavors coming to the Fancy Food Show from Middle Eastern influence. We are finally expanding our knowledge past hummus to celebrate the ingredients and cooking techniques from countries in and around the Middle East.

Standout brands: Silk Road Soda, Onya Natural Foods Persian Kuku: egg based Iranian dish, Pajama Sweets Pistachio Brittle

#8. Cardamom

This strong and aromatic Indian spice is showing up in new product categories, such as nut butter and ice cream. With a flavor profile that can go in both sweet and savory directions, this Ayurvedic spice contributes a unique warming and floral tastebud experience.

Standout brands: Blackberry Patch Peach Bourbon Cardamom Preserves, Runamok Maple Cardamom Infused Maple Syrup, and Green Girl Cardamom Ice Cream

#9 Popped Snacks

These experiential products, often crafted from nutritious ingredients such as beans, nuts, cassava or corn, are a compelling way to add interest to the snack category. Puffs are a particularly fun way to get a pop of flavor due to their melt-in-your mouth texture. Many puffs featured at the show were coated in cheese and spice.

Standout brands: Rasoi Boondi, Rooted Popped Lotus Seeds, Puffworks Original Peanut Butter Puffs

Source: Symrise.com

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