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Superfood Chef and NYT best-selling cookbook author Julie Morris

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We are so excited to partner with Superfood Chef and New York Times best-selling cookbook author Julie Morris for September’s Rosehive Superfoods Box! We’ve dubbed Julie the Queen of Superfoods, having been an advocate for well over a decade. She is truly one of the wellness world’s most trusted experts in cooking with superfoods!

Julie is perhaps best known for her work as an author, having published over 5 cookbooks: Superfood Kitchen, Superfood Juices, Superfood Snacks and her New York Times best-seller Superfood Smoothies. Julie’s mission is simple: to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.

Her recipes have received accolades by celebrated chefs, nutritionists, celebrities, professional athletes, authors, artists, and successful entrepreneurs. And she has led numerous courses, talks, and classes educating and inspiring people about the superfood lifestyle. Julie also carries out her mission as the spokesperson and executive chef for Navitas Naturals, a fair trade company that specializes in 100% organic superfoods, as well as a recipe developer and consultant for cutting-edge health companies and restaurants.

In her spare time, this woman of ambition enjoys running on the beach, trail hiking near her home, tending to her garden or getting inspired by a good book. Julie lives in the greater Los Angeles, California area with her husband Oliver and her German Shepherd Fritz.

It’s not all spirulina and goji berries for Julie! She is a proponent of wholesome, natural eating, having created nourishing recipes like her easy to make Buddha Bowls and Lucuma Milk recipes. Her daily diet routine boasts a balanced portion of all.

Julie mentions that for her, the biggest area of occasional negligence is hydration. She notes there are certain mantras of a healthy lifestyle that are practically considered The Golden Rules Of Wellness:

  • Rule Number One: Eat more vegetables.
  • Rule Number Two: Get enough sleep.
  • Rule Number Three: Exercise often.
  • Rule Number Four: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Julie will be sharing with you a few superfood staples in this box including being one of the FIRSTS to gain access to her very exciting new project launching SOON! We can’t wait to share it with you!

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