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What Superfood Chef Julie Morris Eats In a Day

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Rosehive Superfoods Box is a monthly subscription of nutrient-rich snacks, herbs, powders and cooking ingredients. This month we are partnering with Superfood Chef and New York Times Best Selling Author, Julie Morris! 

Julie Morris is perhaps best known for her work as an author, having published over 5 cookbooks: Superfood KitchenSuperfood JuicesSuperfood Snacks and her New York Times best-seller Superfood Smoothies. Julie’s mission is simple: to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.

Overall, Julie keeps her diet as whole as possible, utilizing plant based recipes infused with superfoods. We were so inspired by Julie’s work, we wanted to know what a day in the life of her diet looks like! Here’s what she had to say:


My morning eating routine is usually based around an early workout, including a small, easy-to-digest snack beforehand like a couple of dates or a half-piece of sprouted toast with coconut oil (or admittedly sometimes a piece of dark chocolate), and then a big (GIANT) superfood smoothie afterwards. This smoothie changes daily based on my workout and my mood, but almost always includes plant-based protein, gelatinized maca powder, spirulina powder, wheatgrass powder, and camu powder to help with recovery and energy. Try Julie’s Recomendations for 6 Superfood Breakfast Ideas For Energy.


I rarely take an actual lunch, but instead snack away the large majority of the day. This serves two purposes: it allows me to keep my energy high (never hungry, never full), and also gives me lots of room to work on recipes in the kitchen during the day (as a recipe developer, I’m taste-testing A LOT… and sometimes get carried away when a recipe’s particularly delicious). Besides what I’m making in the kitchen. I usually have a couple of pieces of fruit, lots of nuts and seeds, energy bars or bites, avocado or hummus toast (made with sprouted bread), and almost always a superfood juice (often green) in the afternoon. I snack a ton.


Dinner is my biggest meal of the day … or I suppose my only “official” meal, where I actually sit down to a plate. This rotates too, but is always at least partially a big salad that’s heaped with dark leafy greens, sprouts, fermented vegetables, avocado, any seasonal vegetables I’m in the mood for, seeds like pumpkin or hemp seeds, and some kind of plant-based protein like tempeh or black beans. Often I’ll combine this with cooked grains to make a savory bowl, accompany it with a mug of soup, or have the salad be the side dish alongside a heartier dinner like plant-based burgers, tacos, wraps, etc. Usually, there’s a glass of wine involved, too.

Adapted from Julie’s blog here.

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