A Heartfelt Thank You As We Close Rosehive

After a demanding 2 years of obstacles, we had to concede with a heavy heart that our business model is no longer viable and we are therefore in the midst of closing with the last Rosehive Box shipping on September 15th.

One of the greatest gifts I gave myself as I started on my path to becoming healthier was the intuitive ability to listen to my body. When I was stressed, I knew I could concoct a tonic filled with adaptogenic herbs and healthy fats to guide my path towards healing. I became fascinated with learning about their origins spread so eloquently throughout the world and found in so many cherished indigenous cultures for centuries before our time walking this planet. The internet was an amazing advancement to be able to go to the source and buy fresh Maca Root Powder from a farm in Peru, or Baobab Powder from the trees native to Madagascar.

But I quickly learned that this wasn’t the case for most people – superfoods can be expensive and quality superfoods, hard to find. Wandering through a Health Food Store for hours became so overwhelming I would end up leaving with nothing. So I set out to create a source for quality superfoods where the education and research was already done for you. I love the idea of sampling these herbs, powders, and dense nutrition from around the world. I love the connection it brought to their origins. I loved that they made people feel their best. And I loved that you could spike ordinary food with superfood powders to enhance their functional benefits.

Like equilibrium we are made aware of internally, it is to notice when things are off in even the subtlest of areas. And the small problems we started seeing with Rosehive on a business level, started to grow over time as we tried to ignore them. We knew the hurdles we were up against as we spoke to many in the healthy food space, and investors alike: Rising food costs, Constant marketing concerns, Increased shipping costs. But still, we fought to change the narrative that “healthy foods have to be inaccessible and expensive. But I suppose this is where we failed as it eventually became too hard to provide great value, and quality while staying financially competitive.

Rosehive started from this passion and grew into such a warm community of individuals that nurtured their health and well-being and were eager to learn how to cultivate it for themselves. We became an experience – teaching others how to grow their own sprouts at home, make kombucha, pack their smoothies to contain all the necessary food groups to become a reliable meal replacement; to make their own almond milk free from preservatives; to chose healthier options than they could find in their hometown grocery store; to read labels and learn that dense nutrition can be found in even the hardest of places and still be efficient while being preservative free, non-GMO, organic, food-coloring and added sugar free.

Rosehive taught me that there is in fact, a trade-off for quality and price but with education, people will pay more for what they know is better for them. I know this because every customer who purchased a Rosehive Box felt this same way. They wanted better, and they were willing to set those intentions in motion alongside us. For that, we have set a community in this space that will never be broken.

Thank you to the team of amazing creators that helped Rosehive be as amazing as it was – Becca from Subscription Box Photography, Jordan Versluis – Branding extraordinaire, Erik Dickson – Graphic Design, Dave and Kyra for packing every order with love and care in our warehouse in Niagara Falls. Our curators and marketing affiliates, and of course the amazing brands that helped to make this vision possible!

And lastly and most importantly – a huge thank you to YOU. Together, we donated to charity, we created a community, and we shared the importance of healthy living. Thank you for an amazing 2 years of making superfoodie dreams come true!

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