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Supplier Spotlight: Wild Foods

Welcome to our new “Supplier Spotlight” feature where we interview the creative and hardworking individuals behind the delicious snacks and superfoods that find their way into Rosehive Superfood boxes every month! Wild Foods has a mind-blowing and diverse selection of educational resources and products to live an exceptional life. We were lucky enough to feature the Wild Foods brand in February and May‘s boxes and now we’re excited to share with you some more about the masterminds behind the company!

Meet Colin from Wild Foods

Q. How did Wild Foods start and what was the inspiration for launching the brand? 

Wild Foods was founded from a desire to bring together the best ingredients in the world to support health, performance and conscious food consumerism. At Wild Foods, we are obsessed with the best. We believe it’s too risky to trust corporations with our health–the very thing that’s become commonplace in our society. When profit is the motivating goal, few businesses have what it takes to do what’s right because what’s right is almost never what’s cheap. We are proud of the fact that our products come from the highest quality ingredients and are produced in the best way possible. For us, it’s quality first no matter what.

Q. Did you always know you’d end up in the healthy food business?

I was in fitness before, then found food and nutrition as my calling. But I didn’t think about being in the actual food business until I started seeing pain points as a consumer. So I thought maybe I can do something about it.

Q. Who are Wild Foods products designed for?

Anyone! More specifically, those that want trust and transparency in their food and how it’s made. If you are concerned about what you put in your body, then Wild Foods is for you.

Q. What sets Wild Foods apart in terms of quality ingredients?

We pay more to our suppliers. We don’t skimp on quality, and we will never use artificial ingredients in our products.

Q. If you could possibly pick, do you have a favorite product from your assortment?

Def our Wild Fish Oil. It’s one of the only fish oils in the world certified by Friends of the Sea. It’s an amazing all-around product that I use daily.

Q. We loved your newsletter series on Coffee but also your passion for Matcha. If you had to choose just one, which would it be?

Both = they both serve different purposes. I drink coffee more often, but I love some match pre-workout with a dash of lemon. Add it to ice water and shake… delicious, clean and natural energy from only 1 ingredient.

Q. Have there been any unexpected surprises throughout your business journey so far?

There have been quite a few. It’s all about learning, so we keep moving forward and learn.

Q. What are the plans for Wild Foods in for the next year?

Our retail/coffee/tea bar is opening this year. Finally getting everything we need for permitting. (Wow! How exciting!!)

Q. We love featuring your products in our boxes! If our subscribers want to stock up on your products, where can they get their hands on some more?

www.WildFoods.co – Use coupon code ROSEHIVE for 11% off your entire order!

Thank you Colin! It’s so great to learn about all the exciting things in the works for Wild Foods Co! If you’d like to know more about Wild Foods Co. you can do so by signing up for their newsletter here.

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