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Food has been used for centuries and passed down through ancient wisdom as a tool to heal our mind, body and soul. The roots of healing through plants and foods grown from our earth can be seen in cultures throughout the world: Native American, The Maori, Middle and Near East, the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and many more cultures where the stories are still yet to be told and documented.

With globalization and the increasing access to such a wide database of knowledge, we are relearning the ways of our ancestors: herbs, berries, seeds, flowers, roots, leaves, fruits, and plants have long been revered as an abundant addition to our lifestyles. Thanks to increased access to imports of these goods into Western Culture, we are able to discover superfoods we have never heard of before!

Matcha lattes, bee pollen, spirulina smoothie bowls, blue algae, mushroom coffee, chia seed, flax seed, every type of seed! There is no shortage of superfoods popping up on the market and their uses seem a bit difficult to understand – not to mention their price tag might set you back a pretty penny. Enter Rosehive Superfoods Box: A superfood discovery box that allows you to try new brands and superfoods before committing to buying them!

Of course there are the fads, and the marketing that goes into them but the true essence of a superfood is not meant to replace a balanced diet but to enhance a nutritional and culinary experience. It is becoming less of a secret that “you are what you eat” is real. Doctors are prescribing nutritional components to healing profiles, people are targeting just the right balance for themselves, and indeed, the push for local produce is as strong as it has ever been.


Believe it or not, there is not just one verifiable, legal, or medical definition of “superfood”. Technically – it has existed in the Oxford English Dictionary since World War I era which defines “superfood” as “a food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being.”

Here is what a superfood means to Rosehive Superfoods Box:

It is important to preface that most real, whole, organic food can be considered a superfood to some degree. There is no out-supplementing a bad diet! So first step to holistic health is incorporating whole, fresh, organic, fruits and vegetables into your diet. Superfoods are a way to elevate your health and take it to the next level!

A superfood is anything made in nature that is edible for human consumption with a high nutrient-density (hence super-food). So that means a high amount of nutrients (or in some cases, a particular nutrient) in just one small serving.

Calorie for calorie – here is an example: Acerola cherries (pronounced “Asa-roll-a”) vs. an orange. Just one cherry has 65 times more vitamin C than an orange and about twice the potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B5. Though they share roughly the same calories per serving – one is significantly more nutrient-dense than the other. So when you’re feeling sick – turning to Acerola cherry powder in a smoothie will be more beneficial for your body as a line of immunity defense than a fresh squeezed orange juice!

Take it to another superfoodie health level and create a culinary experience with it:  acerola cherry cheesecake with cashew cream cheese, and flax chia graham cracker crust. Sounds good, right? Rosehive gives nutrition nerds, wellness advocates, adventurers and health foodies the ability to create a culinary experience in the kitchen while being awarded an opportunity to learn about foods that feed our soul AND provide dense nutrition in tandem.

So that’s what a superfood is! Nothing fancy, no promises of curing diseases or working miracles. Superfood simply means super-nutrition.

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This little Blue-Green algae superfood by E3live known as Blue Majik is one of the things that inspired us to start Rosehive. One day, we were scrolling through Instagram and were stopped in our tracks at this MESMERIZING Blue-Green Algae latte Matcha Mylk Bar was serving up. We knew we needed to try it for ourselves. It was bright and beautiful, a color uncommon in fruits and we learned that it was LOADED with healthy benefits for body and mind. Off we went to get our hands on Blue Majik to recreate this latte and had a bit of sticker shock at the cost! We know superfoods are expensive but it dawned on us that we don’t always want to spend $50 for a big bag when we just want to try it first – test it out, see how it works in our body, how it tastes, how it smells. The option to sample superfoods and tonic herbs before you commit to purchasing them for everyday use is a rare experience in the current marketplace. And with so many options, how do you choose? We know that difficulty and we seek to change that. Rosehive is a way to discover and experience new superfood powders, tonic herbs, snacks, and cooking ingredients without the commitment of buying before trying. We do all the leg work, and each month a box of nutrient-rich, bright and bold superfoods arrive to your door.

We aim to be an online marketplace and monthly subscription box to experience whole plants and state-changing elixirs that combine scientific crafting and ancient wisdom to create food that elevates your health and makes you feel good. We do all the leg work and research, and each month a box of nutrient-rich, bright and bold superfoods arrive at your door. Discovering new foods becomes a culinary experience, a passport for your senses, a way to pollinate your soul. Cheers to our fellow adventurous nutrition nerds, we love you!


Proceeds from every month’s box goes to a charity, cause, conservation or farm. We choose a new charity every quarter. This quarter is the Bee Conservancy. Learn more about our social mission here.

We hope you join on us on our cultural journey to discover the world’s nutrient-dense gifts.