Brain Boosting Adaptogenic Coffee Recipe

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In our fast paced world with your mind crammed with thoughts, heavy workloads, endless to- do-lists, stress, and wait, what else were you supposed to do today? Your brain easily becomes overtaxed and tired; you can feel foggy or forgetful. It is important to protect and support your brain so that you can meet daily demands with energy and focus, get work done, and come up with your next brilliant idea! Discover What’s Inside September’s Box. To try this month’s Brain Boosting Adaptogenic Coffee Recipe visit our blog.

Brain Boosting Adaptogenic Coffee

Try a smarter way to take your coffee with this combination found in your September Box! MCT Oil is an extraction of medium-chain triglycerides from MCT-rich natural sources like coconut oil. When incorporated into a diet, this clear liquid has been shown in studies to increase metabolic rate, suppress appetite, burn calories, and even enhance endurance while exercising, all of which can aid in weight-loss & nutrition.


  • NeuRoast Mushroom Coffee
  • 2Go Coconut and MCT Oil Packet
  • Water
  • Anything else you’d like!

Save this picture to your camera roll if you want to refer to this recipe later!


We hope you found a new favorite in this month’s Rosehive Box! We encourage you to try new foods, read labels, and always put your best foot forward! #ROSEHIVEBOX

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