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How does Rosehive Superfoods Box work?

Rosehive Superfoods Box is a monthly subscription superfood box delivered to your door of nutrient-rich superfoods, snacks, herbs and cooking ingredients along with wholesome recipe guides to create food that elevates your health and makes you feel good. Each month you will receive 1 superfood snack, 1 drink, 1 superfood powder, 1 herb, 1 cooking ingredient, 1 recipe card, and always a few extra surprises. Every month has a new theme and each item is hand selected by a fellow wellness advocate excited to show you their favorite superfood brands to enjoy and create your very own at-home culinary experiences with.

Who is Rosehive Superfoods Box for?

Everyone! Whether you are a nutrition nerd, or just discovering the importance of dense nutrient-rich foods, Rosehive Superfoods Box is for YOU. Who doesn’t love a superfood box of goodies delivered to your door every month?

How do you decide what goes into your box?

We are dedicated to bringing you quality superfoods and superfood snacks at a price that won’t break the bank and doesn’t compromise on quality! Each month offers a new theme co-curated by a fellow wellness advocate excited to show you their favorite superfood brands. We’re here to show you that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to cost a lot or require traveling to distant lands, because Rosehive Superfoods brings those native ingredients from thousands of miles away, right to your door every month. We focus on premium, natural, vegan ingredients and our superfoods and herbs are always high grade.

What’s inside a Rosehive Superfoods box?

Each month you will receive superfood snacks, drinks, superfood powders, herbs, cooking ingredients, surprise items and recipes to create your own at-home culinary experience. Each box has a theme and is co-curated by a fellow wellness professional and/or health advocate to help you on your journey to a dense, nutrient rich, superfood lifestyle.

What If I have allergies?

When you go to check out there will be a prompt to ask if you have any food allergies or sensitivities. If so, just let us know! If the prompt doesn’t come up please go ahead and send us an email at to let us know of your dietary restrictions so we can see if we can accommodate them. To be on the safe side, please know our products may or may not contain an allergen such as peanut, tree nuts, wheat or soy. We cannot accept allergy request for our sampler boxes at this time.

I just joined, when will I be billed again?

Thank you for signing up for your monthly dose of superfoods with Rosehive Superfoods Box! You will not be billed again until AFTER you receive your first box. Re-billing happens around the 26th of each month, and each box is shipped on the 14th of each month. Which means, if you ordered after the 14th you will be receiving the next month’s box and not billed again until the following month on the 26th. For example, if you signed up on March 12th, you will be billed at that time and your first box will ship on March 14th. On March 26th you will be billed again for April’s box shipping on April 14th, and so forth. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions about billing!

How often will I be billed for my subscription?

Signing up for Rosehive Superfoods Box means you will get a new box delivered to your door at the same time every month through our auto-ship program. Each box ships on the 14th of every month. You can skip a month or make changes to your subscription billing by going to ‘Login’ at the top of this website.

When do I get my first box?

Sign up before the 1st of the month to get next month’s superfood box, which ships the first week of each month. All orders processed after the 1st will ship the month after the upcoming month (the following month). Which means, if you would like a January Box, you should order any time after December 1st and before December 31st.

How do you ship your boxes?

Rosehive Superfoods Box ships using United States Postal Service (USPS) 2-3 day Priority Mail. For international shipments of a superfood box we use Canada Post. We ship our boxes on the 14th of every month!

How do I cancel my account or get a refund?

If you are not completely satisfied with your subscription, you can cancel your membership and discontinue your monthly payments at any time. In order to cancel before you are re-billed for the next shipment, you must contact prior to the renewal date on the 26th of each month or make changes to your subscription by logging in to your account at the top of this page. If your membership has already renewed and you’d like to cancel an upcoming shipment, please request cancellation before the end of the month to be eligible for a refund. Sorry, we do not offer refunds on boxes that have already shipped.

I’m a blogger, can I review a box?

Let’s chat! If you are interested in reviewing Rosehive Superfoods Box go ahead and send us an email at Please include a link to your blog, social media accounts, numbers of followers and site traffic information. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing your review of a superfood box!

How do I get a product featured in Rosehive Superfoods Box?

We are always on the lookout for new brands and superfoods to include in our superfood box. Please email us at to be considered but please assure your product is vegan! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you medical professionals?

No. We are not medical professionals. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products from our superfood box, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are used for educational purposes only.

What are Superfoods? What are the benefits of Superfoods?

A superfood is anything made in nature that is edible for human consumption with a high nutrient-density (hence super-food). So that means a high amount of nutrients (or in some cases, a particular nutrient) in just one small serving.

what are superfoods