Superfood Discovery: PINE POLLEN

Vitajing Herb‘s Pine Pollen is found inside May’s Modern Apothecary Box; crafted with herbal infusions, tinctures, and traditional medicinal foods with a modern day twist inspired by our favorite West Coast wellness apothecaries. Discover What’s Inside May’s Box.

Pine Pollen in simple terms, is the pollen shaken from the Pinus Massoniana tree. Dusting the earth with its creamy gold colored granules, the pollen produced comes from the male cone or “catkin”, a softer spiky shoot that buds every year in early spring. This pollen is also what is used to fertilize the growth of female pine cones.

The release of pollen is a natural part of the growth cycle of ecosystems where Pine trees grow, feeding the soil, plants and animals. The phytosterols in the pollen help to provide steriodal nutrition useful for encouraging the springtime reproductive energy of many wild animals. [1]

Many parts of the pine tree are edible or have an herbal component. The pine needles, young shoots, resin, inner bark and of course pine nuts have all been used throughout human history. Native American populations considered the pine tree and its abundance of food resources a sacred tree.

What Are The Benefits?

For humans, Pine Pollen is a powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory and serves up a list of other magical properties: vitamin-rich with A, D, E, B-carotene, B1, B2, B3, B6, and folic acid, making it incredibly skin-feeding and balancing. Pine Pollen has been a staple of Chinese and Korean medicine for more than 2,000 years, utilized for its adapotgenic properties and its ability to boost peak physical performance while balancing mental health. When taken over time, it has been shown to restore vitality, lessen the signs of aging and increase energy and immunity – all the benefits we are looking for in a superfood.

Wonderfully rich in minerals, it also provides bioavailable calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum, phosphorous, potassium, silicon, sodium and zinc. It also contains over twenty amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids making it a complete protein. As an incredible adaptogen and androgen, it can be consumed on an ongoing basis to balance meridians and combat stress, without stressing the body. Being a natural source of testosterone, it can dramatically improve athletic performance, mood, normalize weight and protect the organ and gland systems in both men and women.

Also note-worthy, Pine Pollen contains phenylalanine and arginine. Phenylalanine stimulates dopamine levels in the brain promoting happiness and feelings of well-being. Arginine is used to improve fertility in men and women, as well as increasing the release of growth hormone (just one gram of pine pollen can have 80 ng/g of actual testosterone). As you can see, Pine Pollen is quite a powerful substance and a very safe one at that. It has a very neutral flavor profile, which makes it the perfect addition to any holidpay tonic recipe. Try our Pine Pollen Healing Tonic Recipe found in May’s Modern Apothecary Box featuring Vitajing Herbs Pine Pollen.

A Nutritional Powerhouse Found In The Forest

It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine formore than 2,000 years as a health restorative, longevity tonic, as well as an anti-aging nutrient. Pine pollen is a nutritional powerhouse, containing atleast 20 amino acids (including all 8 essentials), 30 miner-als and trace elements, 15 vitamins (vitamins A, B, C, and even D3), fatty acids (omega 3, -6, -9), coenzymes, polysaccharides, flavonoids, more than 100 different enzymes, nucleic acids, lecithin and more than 200 bioactive compounds such as tes-tosterone, androsterone, antioxidants, MSM, superoxide dis-mutase (SOD), inositol and polyphenols.

Pine pollen can increase free testosterone levels in blood, and restore androgen/estrogen balance. This is important for both males and females. Pollution, chemicals, stress and poor diet disturb the body’s balance, leading to a variety of diseases and unwanted conditions. However, stomach acids destroy the testosterone effects. Loaded with nutrients, pine pollen is an excellent addition to a healthy diet. It also increases SOD (the most potent antioxidant for the human body) in the heart, liver and brain, enhances immunity, and supports healthy endocrine function. Traditionally, pine pollen has been used for moistening the lungs, reducing fatigue and rheumatic pain, improving skin condition, stimulating the immune system, increasing mental speed, clarity and agility, treating prostate problems and assisting weight loss.

Pine Pollen is reputed to be a potent aphrodisiac, as it enters all five meridians and offers dual-directional hormone support. Regular consumption may support healthy metabolism, immune response, circulation, and enhance whole-body function.

What is Cell-Wall Broken Pine Pollen?

Vitajing‘s Pine Pollen featured in our May Modern Day Apothecary Box features a 99% Cracked Cell Wall Formulation. But what does that really mean? Pine pollen straight from the tree is a nutritious top superfood with bioabsorbable constituents beneficial to health and immune functions. Some companies, however, have found that broken cell-wall pine pollen is slightly more nutrient dense, providing up to 25% more digestibility. Breaking the cell-wall is achieved by a high-speed airflow pulverization process which breaks up the cellular matter, making it more bioavailable to the body.

How To Use Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is used in cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical and medicinal products. Pine pollen powder, alcohol tinctures and capsules are found in normal supermarkets across Asia, but in the West it is still quite uncommon. There are no known side effects to the use of pine pollen, so it can be enjoyed every day.

It is also commonly used as one of nature’s best testosterone replacement therapies. Testosterone is a steroid hormone. While it is present in women, it’s the male sex hormone that characterizes men.

Just the right dose has a plethora of healing abilities, that to this day haven’t even been properly studied. If used wisely, it might just be your libido boost! For those with tree-pollen allergies: If you have a severe histamine response to pollen and seasonal allergies, be careful with pine pollen dosage as it might trigger an allergic response. Avoid pine pollen if you experience swelling, itchiness or facial inflammation of any kind.

Try This Recipe:

A Transformative Pine Pollen Healing Tonic Recipe is found in May’s Modern Apothecary Box featuring Vitajing Herbs Pine Pollen. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Some superfoods just radiate with your body the minute you consume them, we really think Pine Pollen could be this soulmate superfood for you like it has been for us. Nourishing from the inside out.

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